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Christmas Catalogues Shopping

Whether you are after gifts for a loved one, clothes for that office party, kids games and presents, hampers or even Christmas trees, we’ll have it covered here. One of the main reasons we like shopping with catalogues in the UK is that you can buy now pay later by spreading the costs with top brands using pay weekly and pay monthly repayments.

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At this joyous time of year we may seek out traditional gifts, products and decorations as somehow the nostalgia of our childhood for us adults makes us want to somehow bring back some of the simpler gifts ideas, traditional toys and fun board games we played as kids that really bought the family together as an addition to the obvious tech items, gadget and computer goods that today’s generation want. Perhaps you want to get some expensive luxury chocolates or traditional gift hampers for a loved one, but whatever you do make sure that you order your goods as soon as possible in case they arrive damaged or perhaps if you receive or order the wrong item. If this happens, you’ll want to return and sort out in plenty time your gifts for children, family, friends or loved one so that they can to open on Christmas Day.

Shop with Credit at Christmas Time.

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Christmas pudding decorated with skimmia rather than holly. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We all know that around the festive season we stretch ourselves buying presents and end up feeling short in the pocket when it comes to having available money to buy what you want for people. What better way to buy that using catalogue shopping to spread the cost? All you need to do is open an account with some of the companies featured on this site and once you have a credit limit allocated you can shop up to that amount on whatever you need, usually with next day delivery on many items. hassle free returns and some catalogues even offer order today with nothing to pay for twelve months interest free credit options for your Christmas presents, hampers, trees and decorations.

Christmas cash advance

If you cannot find anything in the catalogs and need to spread the cost of course there are other alternatives such as Christmas loans; however be careful when looking at cash advances as you do not want to end up paying a very high interest rate if you can shop around and get a lower rate short term fixed rate loan instead. If you do need to borrow, do it sensibly and try to keep the value of your borrowing at as low and as manageable as you can. Always try to pay off any loan early if you and definitely on time to avoid any late payment fees or other charges.

The other thing that you can do of course with the beauty of online commerce these days is shop around for discounts. Companies online like Amazon and Argos have plenty of discounted goods so you do not have to pay full price for your shopping. Saving money is a better financial strategy than borrowing more. Always shop around for the best deal, remember even the High Street stores have succumb to discounting early before the January sales and you can get many a bargain weeks if not months before the run up to Xmas Eve!

All this said, some shopping habits never change it seems as according to the Daily Mail seven out of ten people shopping on Christmas Eve will be men, all mob panic buying on the High Street; it  is something we have all witnessed at some point when the shop shutters are coming down and the shop staff looking forward to finally starting their own celebrations, plenty of guys are still shopping for wives and partners. However one habit that seems to have changed is shopping online on Christmas Day, it seems that many of cannot resist the urge of buying online even when many people are either fed up with shopping or ran out of money others and many savvy shoppers are online spending on catalogue sites, mail order shopping and High Street stores that have their sales and discounts of up to 75% well and truly on.

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